If I Can't Change Things - I Can Bow Down & Pray For You

My name is Christopher Seymore. I am the founder of Life Changing Out Reach Programs and Services (L.C.O.R.P.S.) we are based out of Downtown Minneapolis MN. As we are reaching our second year of nonprofit service, we are launching our national initiative to provide Life Changing Out Reach Programs to the whole of the United States.


Initiative is a process by which a referendum can be triggered by a petition of voters.
Initiative may also refer to:
  • In personal behavior, initiative is the ability and tendency to initiate: to start an action, including coming up with a proposal and giving or helping without first being requested to do so
L-CORPS is a non-profit organization whose mission is to “empower” men and women to reach their full economic potential. 

L.C.O.R.P.S. also serves young people by way of:

Giving Youth A Vision Programs and Services
Mission Statement:

Our mission is to assist in the development of youth, their peers, and their families culturally, academically, socially, and economically; and to offer programs which are designed to help them develop maturity, responsibility, self-esteem, and control over their lives while setting future goals and making the best possible decisions.

Below you will find the developmental list of programs and services of  our national initiative to provide Life Changing Out Reach Programs to the whole of the United States.

Life Changing Out Reach Programs & Services consist of:

· Job Seeking Assistance Program (J.S.A.P.)
· On the Job Computing Program (O.J. C. P.)
· Not for Profit Temporary Employment Services
· Giving Youth A Vision (GYV)
. Life Changing Athletic Programs & Services
· African American Social Services Group
· African American Land and Home Ownership Project
· Above Ground & Under Ground Farming
· Above Ground & Under Ground Recycling Centers
· Wind Farming Programs and Services
· Nationwide Fall Out Shelters
· HAPCU: Historic African American Prep Schools,
Collage and Universities
· World Preparations Elementary Schools
· World Preparations Middle Schools
· World Preparations High Schools
· World Preparations Universities
Does the U.S. need "Life Changing Out Reach Programs & Services" ? L.C.O.R.P.S.

Please make your response known by posting to the blog.

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