The One 2012 Midwest Tour Videos

Black History Month 2012 Initiative  
4 Year Anniversery  2016

Milwaukee Wisconsin

My name is Christopher Seymore, I am the Executive Director

and Founder of the nonprofit organization Life Changing Out

Reach Programs & Services.

These Videos and pictures were taken while traveling the Midwest for the: TEE SHIRT TOUR
The One is a tee shirt sales Job Creation Promotion tool. We Have a Goal of 500,000 Shirts sold.    The Binary Society

Life Changing Out Reach Programs & Services and the prayer commitment set forth:
Christopher Seymore by trade is a: Green Abrahamic Information Technology Evangelist in the realm of Mechanized Game Theory.
The 7 Points of Prayer:
  1. Prayer for the Believers of God
  2. Prayer for Unity for the Believers of God
  3. Prayer for our Nation's President (The U.S.) and our Leaders
  4. Prayer for the African Americans of our Nation
  5. Prayer for the youth of our Nation
  6. Prayer for restraint against Greed
  7. Prayer for Life Changing Out Reach Programs & Services

Our mission is to assist in the development of  men, women,

and youth boys & girls, culturally,
academically, socially, and economically; and to offer

programs & services which are designed to help them 

develop maturity, responsibility, self-esteem, and control over

their lives while setting future goals and making the best 

possible decisions.

Watch The Video It's Short :) (: 

Chicago Illinois

Detroit Michigan