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Participate in and contribute to the growth of new industries and the success of our economy

Economic development and job growth must be coupled with economic opportunity so that all Americans are equipped to participate in and contribute to the growth of new industries and the success of our economy. When communities target investment and workforce training to our most distressed communities, benefits accrue for everyone. Our economy and the nature of jobs are changing, yet wide gaps remain in job readiness in communities of color and for blue-collar workers.
Our country must invest in training programs that help all Americans – whether they are in urban cores, the suburbs, or rural manufacturing communities – to develop the skills they need to compete for today’s emerging jobs.
Today, our metro areas account for:
        86% of our population in the United States
        88% of unemployment
        88% of real income

        91% of wage income

        91% of overall GDP
Metro areas are growing stronger and faster than ever before. Employment growth through 2024 will be faster than the previous 10 years in 307 of the 381 metro areas.

Modernize our Workforce

  • Create partnerships between local governments and the Departments of Housing and Urban Development, Commerce, Labor, Education, Energy, and Agriculture, and the Small Business Administration to create new Opportunity Investment Zones that will look at our poorest communities and neighborhoods to develop strategies and policies that will support economic growth.
  • Prioritize public projects where investment has a local job creation and training component that provides a pathway to quality jobs for the workers we train.
  • Support neighborhood growth and investment.
  • Invest in technology and research to ensure affordable broadband reaches every resident.
  • Promote a living wage for all workers and pay equity for women.
  • Preserve the federal deduction of state and local income, property, and sales taxes.
  • Modernize trade agreements to create a more level playing field by lowering tariffs on U.S.-made goods and promoting universal adoption of American labor and environmental standards.
  • Support inclusion and diversity through minority- and women-owned business programs that help with access to opportunity, financing, and capital.