God I also pray for the African American People of this Nation.
Technology has afforded us to forget that we were the Slaves Of this land. Please remind us
that we can not afford to forget our past, lest we are domed to repeat it.
HELP us to have a real love for each other during the good times and the bad.
HEAL our minds from mental bondage.
TAKE our race of people out of the negatives we have fallen and have been placed into.
YOU teach our children not to be tricked into gang violence, drug sales, and usage.
HELP them not to portray the negative images of the media.
STOP our people from getting trapped into prison and jail; teach us not to take penitentiary
HELP us to endure the hard times we go through.
TEACH us our purpose of love and not hate.
HELP us not to go towards false religions.
HELP our religious leaders to teach us truthfully according to your word.
HELP us to know the truth of you, your Word, and your Spirit.
HELP our women to be the women of virtue you desire them to be.
HELP our men to be the strong and upright men we are suppose to be.
HELP us to be a people all the time not just in times of hardship.
HELP us to pool together our resources so that we may come out of bondage completely.