10 Promises to the African Americans of the U.S by The C.L. Seymore Project











1. I promise  to  create new jobs to decrease African American Unemployment rate
2. I promise to create jobs that  will be recession proof in African American communities. 

3. I promise to create jobs that will narrow the house hold income gaps between blacks and whites.
4. I promise that the types of jobs, programs & and services LCORPS will create will narrow the gap of wealth disparity between whites and blacks.

5. I promise that the jobs, programs & and services LCORPS will create will lower the poverty rate for African Americans.

6. I promise that the types of programs and services LCORPS will provide will decrease areas of concentrated poverty in the United States.

7. I promise that the programs and services of LCORPS will increase U.S. social/racial integration in educational institutions. As well as  public and private for profit and nonprofit organizations.

8. I promise that the programs and services of LCORPS will increase over all economic well being and security for African American families in the U.S.

9. I promise that the  programs and services of LCORPS will decrease the overall rate for the uninsured in African American Communities and provide an increase to accessing quality insurance.

10. I promise that the programs and services offered by LCORPS will decrease the incarceration rate of African American in the United States.

My name is Christopher Seymore. I am the Founder of Life

Changing Out Reach Programs & Services.
L-CORPS for short.
I am seeking seed funding to aid United States Citizens who need help crossing the Educational Gaps, Unemployment Gaps, Income Gaps and the Digital Divide which prevents them from being contributing members of society and productive citizens of the United States of America. 
I have a strategic and focused approach to achieving nonprofit outcomes, as 
I have a strong commitment to helping people succeed in making a positive change in their lives.
My Professional Occupations have been that of:
  • Nonprofit CEO/COO/CFO
  • Abrahamic Faith Community Leader and Pastor
  • Information Technology and Internet Telecommunications Business Owner
  • Think Tank Developer
  • K-12 Teacher
  • Economic Social Scientist
  • and Computer Scientist
As the founder of L-CORPS it is my duty to carry out its mission:
To assist men, women, boys& girls, culturally, academically, socially, and economically. Offering programs & services designed to help them develop maturity, responsibility, self-esteem, and control over their lives to set future goals and make the best possible decisions.