2014 Summer of L.C.O.R.P.S. Life Changing Out Reach Programs & Services

Every Summer is the summer of L.C.O.R.P.S. 

Announcing the L.C.O.R.P.S. National Initiative Expansion

While touring the nation in 2013 we have identified three key areas of the United States of America to form networking partnerships to help our nation citizens cross the bridge of the digital divide, and spreading the good news of I.T. Evangelism.  We are now seeking young men and women who need help in pursuing an I.T. career to augment the much in demand I.T. workforce. The three major cities set to host L.C.O.R.P.S. National Initiative Expansion Project are:
  1. Twin Cities Minnesota (Northern Hub)
  2. South Side Chicago Illinois (Midwestern US Hub)
  3. Holmes County Mississippi (Southern Hub)
In the remanding states we have and will continue to form a networking partnerships to provide LCORPS Satellite Nonprofit Services and Nonprofit 2 Nonprofit Business Services.
(Detroit MI, Milwaukee WS, Gary ID, 5 Borrows NY City, New Orleans LA, Atlanta GA, Washington D.C., Compton  & Watts, California)

It is our mission to serve families, and individuals who are unemployed or underemployed and are in need of information technology training to help them cross the Digital Divide to reach their full economic potential.

We empower our clients by offering free Microsoft and Apple work place software training, web based productivity tools via’ IT Evangelism advocacy. We aim to spread the good news about pursuing an IT career and eventually augment the much in-demand IT workforce.


Life Changing Out Reach Programs & Services Goals for January 1st 2014 – January 1st 2015


  1. Job Seeking Assistance Program set to provide services to 2000 adults(MN, MS, IL)
  2. On the Job Computer Training Program set to provide services to 2000 adults (MN, MS, IL)
  3. Professional Painting & Carpet Cleaning Trade Skill & Entrepreneurship Program (MN, MS)
  4. MAQ U Providing Certification of Microsoft & Apple Operating Systems, MS Office, Adobe Suites, & Quick Books Pro. Set to provide services to 48 GED and High School Graduates and 48 adults.  (MN, MS)
  5. LCORPS Office of Internship will provide 50 internship opportunities of National Community Service. (MN, MS, IL)
  6. Giving Youth a Vision Programs and Services will provide Services to 300 youth ages 5-21 and their parents. (MN, MS, IL)
  7. LCORPS Online  will provide Services to 50 Million Users
  8. LCORPS Nonprofit Turn-key Box Kit & Nonprofit 2 Nonprofit Business Outreach services.(Detroit MI, Milwaukee WI, Gary ID, 5 Borrows NY City, New Orleans LA, Marietta GA, Washington D.C. Compton Watts, California)
  9. Our Business Coaching Services specializes in educating entrepreneurs, start-ups, nonprofits and small business owners. Our services are as much about driving profit or fundraising, as it is about developing the personal small business owner. This new program will be run in MN as well as MS.
  10. In Minnesota the Business Coaching Programs and Services will operate at the COCO MSP Headquarters office. In Mississippi the Business Coaching Programs and Services will operate from our new Lexington Mississippi Home Office. Providing services in four key areas:
    1.       Business Consultant Coaching
    2.       I.T. Business Consulting
    3.       Business Marketing Consulting 
    4.       Consultancy sales of I.T. Solutions & Business Promotional Needs


Completed list of Tour Outcomes

2013 Job Creation & Helping Out the Homeless U.S. Tour

  • Secured jobs for five individuals in the state of Minnesota 
  • Provided three Cash Assistance Micro Grants for individuals in the state of Minnesota
  • Provided in-kind consultant services in the areas of Grant Writing and Business Plan Writing assistance to entrepreneurs, and the Department of Youth Employment in Holmes County Mississippi

  • Helped homeless individuals in the cities of New York-New York and  Washington D.C. we provided food, money, clothes, hygiene needs, resources for filing for SSI Disability
  • Help a U.S. Veteran find gainful employment in Atlanta Georgia  
  • Networked form partnerships in the 5 Burros of NYC, Washington D. C., New Orleans Louisiana, Lexington, Mississippi, Chicago IL, St. Paul and Minneapolis MN.

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