2013 Summer of L.C.O.R.P.S. Returning to Holmes County Mississippi

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Life Changing Out Reach Programs & Services


Date of application: _06/10/2013
Application submitted to: World Wide Web
Name of organization: L.C.O.R.P.S. 
Legal name, if different: Life Changing Out Reach Programs & Services 
Office Address: 400 4th Ave South  Mailing :10816 Nord Ave S. Bloomington MN 55437
Office: City, State, Zip: Minneapolis, MN 55425
Employer Identification Number (EIN): 611-62-1001
 Phone: 612.424.1750
Fax: 612.424.1750
Web site:www.lcorps.org

Name of top paid staff: Christopher L. Seymore
Title: Executive Director
Contact person regarding this application:
Title: Executive Director

Population served: Men, Women, Boys & Girls
Geographic area served:  Urban Inner cities of : MN,  and, MS.

Funds are being requested for (check one):

_x_ General operating support
_x_ Project/program support
_ Start-up costs
_x_ Technical assistance
Bottom of Form
__ Capital
__ Other (list) _____________
Project dates (if applicable): July 1st – September 7th 2013
Fiscal year end: January 1st 2014

Dollar amount requested for: 
Travel Expenses
Supplies Facilities
2012 Budget goals met
Lodging           2000
Travel              2500
Supplies           3000
Cash on hand   1000
2013 Budget goals to be met
Chrombooks 2100
Lodging         2500
Travel            2500
Facilties         5000
Supplies         2000
Cash on hand 2000
Total project budget (for support other than general operating):

-$3500.00 Christopher Seymore
-$3000.00 MN Vikings Team Member
-$600.00 ARTS US Partnership
-$1500.00 Fundraising efforts
-$5,000.00 Christopher Seymore
$10,000.00 Budget Needs
Name and title of top paid staff or board chair:
Christopher Seymore

Grant Request
I am requesting assistance with our 2013 Summer of LCORPS Campaign. 
Organizational Information
L-CORPS is a non-profit organization whose mission is to empower men and women to reach their full economic potential by helping them cross the Digital Divide. It is also our mission to serve families, and individuals who are unemployed or underemployed and are in need of information technology training.
We empower our clients by offering free Microsoft and Apple work place software training resources, web based productivity tools and IT Evangelism awareness advocacy, which aims to spread the good news about pursuing an IT career and eventually augment the much in-demand IT workforce.

Demographics of the Population Served

Lexington, MS:
1.       On the Job Computer Training Programs,
2.       Job Seeking Assistance Programs
3.       Giving Youth A Vision
Ÿ  Juniors and seniors in high school who may be young parents, or ESL, English as second language students 18 and older. 
Ÿ  Youth ages 6-18 Giving Youth a Vision Programs and Services
Ÿ  African American Neighborhoods of the Cities of Homes County, MS
Ÿ  Those whom are re-entering society after incarceration.

It is my sincere hope and prayer that you share with me in helping our U.S. Citizens find gainful employment by giving them the tools and resources they need.

With Sincere Warm Regards, 
Christopher  Seymore
Founder & Executive Director of

Fartun Osman
Intake Director/ Somali Language Director

Dianne Moore
Giving Youth A Vision Camp Director/Facilitator  MN

Tella Bush
Lexington, Mississippi Outreach Coordinator