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She is Creating Jobs all over the U.S. Help her change someone's life for the better. I love this chick ! @LCORPSorg15h
Celebrating Our 2nd Year Anniversary & the Goal of creating MORE JOBS !!!!!!! From May 24th til June 24th we will be c…

Please retweet this all day.  The One Shirt that will change someone's life if you buy one. In support of LCOPRS

What do you have to give? Happily Elevate Love & Patience. HELP

Honored by the McKnight Foundation for demonstrating the "life-changing difference that one person can make."

A Do Gooder says. H.appily E.levate L.ove and P.atience. Help someone today.

A Do Gooder ask. Have you paid it forward yet? Return a good deed for a good deed. K? O.K.

A Do Gooder ask, if you could help someone , would you do it?

Nonprofit goal of creating 150 jobs by 2013.  Reach the founder at http://clseymore or 

Nonprofit goal of decreasing Black unemployment rate by 10% B4 2020.  reach the founder at 

A Do Gooder ask. Can the people united ever be defeated? Hire a person today. Keep work alive! We the people can defeat poverty.

A Do Gooder asks: What if you had time to do good today? What good would U do?   for

Good morning World. FYI, K? For  I tweet everywhere Check out . Here U'll find life changing inspiration

Nonprofit sciences of: Multiplying Positive Place Values of Economic Systems. 

L. C. O. R. P. S. The Founders Blog: Now on Display!! The Theory's Behind My Hobbie's a... 

We cannot do everything at once, but we can do something at once.- Calvin Coolidge  

Life Changing Out Reach Programs is Giving Youth A Vision. is GYV!