My "Personal" Trayvon Martin Story

Please let me start by saying Condolences to the Family and Parents of Trayvon Martin .

I am deeply troubled by the reports of the shooting death of this young man. I also feel the sentiments of President Obama, as I have a teenage son named TreyVonne and I can't imagine this happening to our family, and would not wish this horrible tragedy on anyone. 

My name is Christopher Seymore, and here is my story.

At the age of 17, I was riding what was then the 3K Metropolitan Transit bus on 3rd Street in St. Paul Minnesota. While riding in the back of the bus I was listening to music on head phones. Two white men whom I did not know were talking loud, and looking at me. I removed my headphones as I thought they were talking to me, and ask if they were. I got no response, shrugged, and put the headphones back on.  The next thing I knew I was being beat by the two men with pool cues (sticks). No one came to my aid, or even said stop beating him. I had to fight them off. When I got free from them, I screamed "let's get off the bus and fight"!

They went out the back door, and I went to the front of the bus. I did not get off. I asked the bus driver why he didn't help me, "call the police, do something!" He did nothing. I got off a mile up the street to call the police, they came and did nothing to insure my justice, or medical needs. St. Paul Police told me because I was "not bleeding there was nothing they could do".  Now at the age of 38 I know that was not true.

I am telling this story because I have never fought a black man or women in my whole life; however, I have had to defend my life, liberty, and freedoms against others just because I am black. This was just one of many stories that I could tell.

The whole world knows that Trayvone Martin was not bothering anyone before he was murdered, and no one came to his help. I only wish I was there to come to his aid. If that meant my own death, so it would have been.

So having said all that, I want you to know that I now vow to keep doing what I do:
GIVING YOUTH A VISION, regardless of the way of this world.

I also pass this invite on to you :" One Million Hoodies March for Trayvon Martin
We're going to be gathering at Northrop Plaza (84 Church Street SE) at 6 PM. Bring a sign or anything if possible.Times: potential speakers (leaders of organizations only) 5:30pm. Everyone else: 6pm. Program: 6:30pm march in plaza: 7:30pm. Done: 8:00pm. "

"Throw on your hoodies (or whatever) and come gather to show your support for justice for Trayvon Martin!

Let's make a choice to stand up for Trayvon Martin. 17 years old. black. innocent. murdered with a bag of skittles and a bottle of ice tea in his hands. "Suspicious." is what Zimmerman said as to why he killed him (not yet arrested) because he had on a black hoodie."


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