These are the U.S. Cities for African American Non-Profit Mechanized Game Theory

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My name is Christopher Seymore. I am the founder of Life Changing Out Reach Programs and Services (L.C.O.R.P.S.) we are based out of Downtown Minneapolis MN. As we are reaching our second year of nonprofit service, we are launching our national initiative to provide Life Changing Out Reach Programs to the whole of the United States.

Initiative is a process by which a referendum can be triggered by a petition of voters.
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L-CORPS is a non-profit organization whose mission is to “empower” men and women to reach their full economic potential.

L.C.O.R.P.S. also serves young people by way of:

Giving Youth A Vision Programs and Services
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Our mission is to assist in the development of youth, their peers, and their families culturally, academically, socially, and economically; and to offer programs which are designed to help them develop maturity, responsibility, self-esteem, and control over their lives while setting future goals and making the best possible decisions.

List of U.S. cities with large African American populations

This is a list of the several U.S. cities over 100,000 people that have populations over 30% African American. The list is ranked by the perspective percentage of African American population. Note that there are exactly 19 cities with populations over 100,000 that have majority (over 50%) African-American populations. These majority (over 50%) African-American cities are located in the following 13 states: Alabama, Indiana, Louisiana, Maryland, Michigan, Mississippi, New Jersey, Ohio, Tennessee, Virginia, Florida, Georgia, as well as the District of Columbia.

Cities whose population is at least 23.7 % Black

The following data was sourced from the 2010 U.S. Census.[citation needed]
RankCityPercentage BlackBlack Population
1Detroit, Michigan82.7590,226
2Jackson, Mississippi79.4137,716
3Miami Gardens, Florida76.381,776
4Birmingham, Alabama73.4155,791
5Baltimore, Maryland63.7395,781
6Memphis, Tennessee63.3409,687
7New Orleans, Louisiana60.2206,871
8Montgomery, Alabama56.6116,524
9Flint, Michigan56.657,939
10Savannah, Georgia55.475,507
11Augusta, Georgia54.7107,182
12Shreveport, Louisiana54.7109,022
13Baton Rouge, Louisiana54.5125,155
14Atlanta, Georgia54.0226,894
15Cleveland, Ohio53.3211,672
16Portsmouth, Virginia53.350,878
17Harrisburg, Pennsylvania52.425,957
18Newark, New Jersey52.4145,085
19Washington, D.C.50.7305,125
20Richmond, Virginia50.6103,342
21Mobile, Alabama50.698,691
22St. Louis, Missouri49.2157,160
23Beaumont, Texas47.355,931
24North Charleston, South Carolina47.245,964
25Jackson, Tennessee45.729,802
26Elmont, New York45.515,109
27Cincinnati, Ohio44.8133,039
28Inglewood, California43.948,164
29Philadelphia, Pennsylvania43.4661,839
30Norfolk, Virginia43.1104,672
31Dayton, Ohio42.960,705
32East Chicago, Indiana42.912,736
33Suffolk, Virginia42.736,120
34Little Rock, Arkansas42.381,889
35Columbia, South Carolina42.254,537
37Fayetteville, North Carolina41.984,040
38Rochester, New York41.787,897
39Durham, North Carolina41.093,517
40Newport News, Virginia40.773,514
41Greensboro, North Carolina40.6109,586
42Milwaukee, Wisconsin40.0237,769
43Hartford, Connecticut38.748,331
44Buffalo, New York38.6100,774
45Bronx, New York[1]36.5505,200
46New Haven, Connecticut35.445,938
47Tallahassee, Florida35.063,475
48Charlotte, North Carolina35.0256,241
49Chattanooga, Tennessee34.958,507
50Winston-Salem, North Carolina34.779,598
51Brooklyn, New York[1]34.3860,083
52High Point, North Carolina33.034,394
53Chicago, Illinois32.9887,608
54Compton, California32.931,688
55Paterson, New Jersey31.746,314
56Huntsville, Alabama31.256,229
57Jacksonville, Florida30.7252,421
58Greenville, South Carolina30.017,519
59Kansas City, Missouri29.9137,540
60Oakland, California28.0109,471
61Hawthorne, California27.723,385
62Richmond, California26.627,542
63South Bend, Indiana26.626,906
64Charleston, South Carolina25.430,491
65Altadena, California23.710,136